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Knowledge Exchange Meeting

China Days - Meet the Dragon

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Maritim Hotel

Berlin, Germany

September 11-12 2014


The European Bioanalysis Forum vzw (EBF) and the China Bioanalysis Forum (CBF) are both non-profit organizations with the main focus on bioanalytical activities in a regulated environment. With operational activities in Europe (EBF) or China (CBF), the members are from the pharmaceutical industry, contract research organizations and for CBF from academia as well. Both organizations aim to achieve a common understanding on scientific, technological and regulatory issues of bioanalytical interest by cooperating in either topic teams (EBF) or an expert committees (CBF). 

EBF is now introducing a new meeting format, the Knowledge Exchange Days, which will be organized in cooperation with a partner. The purpose is to reach out a broader community, not only to bioanalytical experts but also to their colleagues from connected disciplines.

Purpose of the Knowledge Exchange Days – "Meet the Dragon"

This year CBF kindly agrees to co-organize the first "Knowledge Exchange Days" workshop. The workshop is intended to deepen and broaden the knowledge in areas of bioanalysis, clinical pharmacology, clinical operations, quality assurance and regulated affaires via the interaction with European and Chinese specialists. Learning from each other and exchanging practical experiences is the focus of these knowledge exchange days 

Who should attend?

Experts from bioanalysis, clinical pharmacology, clinical operations, quality assurance or regulated affairs from the pharmaceutical industry, contract research organizations, academia, and inspectorates.

Preliminary Agenda

  • Doing business in China
  • Quality systems and the Regulatory Processes
  • Bioanalytical Guidelines
  • Clinical studies
  • Learning by doing – Sample import / export procedures and other experiences

Venue, date and duration

A 1.5 day meeting in Berlin, 11-12 September 2014


Call for speakers

For this workshop we look for your contribution as a presenter if you have experience in one or more topics listed in the preliminary agenda. Your presentation is expected to focus on key aspects may and provide a good overview of the issues for our industry or solutions applicable in bilateral communication and day-to-day business. The presentations are scheduled for 20-30 minutes with suitable time for discussions at the end of each section. Please send your title and abstract to prior to 15 June 2014.

Participation to the meeting is 320 Euro, including entrance fee, food and beverages. After 7 Sep, only on-site registration in cash is possible and the fee will be 500 Euro.  

See also the the EBF blog: and facebook pages for more info on EBF activities.